What Your Adoption Allows Us to Do

By symbolically adopting a North Atlantic right whale you can help us try to resolve these problems. Adopt an individual whale, a mother/calf pair, or a whole family foryourself, as a gift for family and friends, as a memoriam, or for your classroom or group.  The tax deductible adoption fee goes towards costs for right whale research, conservation and education programs.  Some of these include:
  • co-operating in a whale disentanglement network in the Bay of Fundy, tracking entangled whales to hopefully remove entangling fishing lines.
  • using small hand held computers linked to Global Positioning System units to record sightings of right whales seen during whale watches.  Whale watchers are often out for a longer period of time, in slightly harsher weather and cover a larger area than dedicated right whale researchers who work with limited budgets and therefore concentrate their effort in areas that will be most productive.
  • purchasing camera equipment for photo-identification of whales
  • working closely with whale watchers to continue adherence to a voluntary Code of Ethics and providing as much information as possible for them in the promotion of stewardship of right whales.
  • successfully developing a Code of Conduct for fishermen to help them make informed decisions when fishing if right whales are present
  • producing educational material
  • attending meetings such as the Canadian Right Whale Network, North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium, and Maritime Marine Animal Response Network

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